Benefits Of Using a Visual Timer For Children

Looking at the clock and being to say it’s 10:00 AM and understanding how long 10 minutes is completely different. This is especially true for children with special needs or for those who have a different way of learning things.

Transitioning between activities is not easy even for adults. But it is quite more challenging for young children, and the transition process is mostly the reason for their behavioural problems.

You may witness your child struggle with their behaviour when you asked them to turn off the TV or told them that it’s time to leave the playground. This is because moving from one activity that they are currently enjoying to something that they have to do is kind of frustrating and no fun at all. Often, this results in negotiation, resistance and most of the time, tantrums.

Visual timer plays a very important role to improve self-regulation in many children. Note that this is totally different in setting a timer in yoru clock or mobile phones. Visual timers are a coloured tool that will show your child how much time is left until the next activity or task. This feature is what makes it so helpful and effective.

Here are the benefits of using visual timers for your children

Understand time

Understanding time is a great way to introduce your child to math in a way that is not forceful but very natural. Learning math without a piece of previous knowledge or concept like time left, how many seconds to go, hours, etc. will be challenging and complicated for your child the first time they learn it.

Helps your child manage his time

When you tell your child that he has 10 minutes left before you leave and see the corresponding time on the visual timer that is covered in a particular colour, his brain will start to process it. He will see the colour slowly disappearing, which means his remaining time is elapsing. This will help him plan his time accordingly.

Stay on task

Many children special those with special needs often get lost on track when they are doing a certain task. Sometimes, they set out to finish a particular activity or lose track of time which results in not completing something in the end.

Using a visual timer can help them stay on track and accomplish the activity. For example, during the red light, they should be eating their food, during the orange light, they should be brushing their teeth and so on.

Visual timers can help your children in staying on task, especially when they are doing their routines.

Doing unpreferred activity

Doing necessary activities but usually not preferred by children can be quite difficult. Children won’t understand why they have to that certain activity or wonder how long will the training last. When you use a visual timer, you are showing your child what they are going to expect in a way that they’ll understand better.

Time outs

Everyone is encouraged to use a positive approach when disciplining a child rather than doing punishment. However, there are times when you have to implement the punishment when the situation calls for it. Using a visual timer when you put your child in time out will show them how long will they have to stay in their room or how long will they have to wait until they are allowed to play.

There are lots of visual timers to choose from. There are actual devices while there are also apps that you can download. But one thing is for sure. A visual timer is surely the best solution for your timer needs.…

How to recycle or dispose of old clocks?

Clocks are one of the things you can use to decorate your home. You can place a wall clock on your wall or put an alarm clock on your coffee table. Nowadays, people are obsessed with clocks of different designs. Clocks are no longer limited to round or square in shape. There is a wide range of styles and designs you can choose from that would surely fit the theme you are going for in your space.

Many people are fascinated with how designers have become so creative in producing clocks. There are those with trendy designs while there are also clocks that look like vintage.there are also modern designs that would blend modern designed buildings.

Clocks, when no longer wanted or no longer working are turning into clutter. So here are some ideas on what to do with old clocks.


Recycling old clock is the best way to make use of it. There are a lot of ideas you can find on the internet about how to turn your old into a new design. Clocks that function with batteries are so easy to recycle. As long as it is still working, then you can of endless ways on how to recycle the old clock and make it look like new. You can turn it into retro, classy, bright, vintage or sporty. There are many ways you can recycle the old clock that would suit your taste and preference.

When you recycle clock, you turn clutter into a useful treasure. Using recycled material, it is possible that you can produce a clock that would bring a new feel to your room. You can even create amazing accents that would enhance the beauty of your home or office. 

In recycling, you have the opportunity to become creative and make pieces that you’d never imagine you can make. Aside from turning clutter into new decorations, you are saving money. Instead of buying a new clock, why not recycle something that you can add your personal touch?

Donate it

There are groups or organisations that accept house items for their recycling projects. If you are not into recycling or you no longer want your old clock, you can bring it to their office, and they’ll be happy to receive your items. 

They will be the one who’ll do the recycling process where they’ll turn your old clock into a new decoration. Some organisation do this project and sell those recycled items to support a certain cause. So by doing this, you are not only getting rid of your clutter but you also help your community.

Bring them to recycling centres

Search if you have community recycling centres in your area. Before you go there, make sure to call and ask if they accept old or broken wall clocks. There are recycling facilities that put limitations on what can they only accept. To find out first if your items will be acceptable.

Old clock and other items that are brought to recycling centres are considered to be a commodity. Workers from the centres will sort out items and then some manufacturers will come to the facility to collect the item they need. These items will then be broken into pieces processed, make it as a raw material to create a new product. Yes, these manufacturers will pay the recycling centres for the item they get and their payment is what pays the recycling centres to keep on working. There is plastic shredder for sale that can be used in breaking down plastic clocks.

Bringing items to recycling centres is also one way of making sure that old items that can still be useful do not end up in landfills. Clocks can be considered as part of e-waste which should not be in landfills because they contain chemicals that would harm the environment as well as the health of humans.

Disposing of waste has biome an issue over the years. Since all of us produce waste, all of us are also responsible for what happens to it. We should make sure that we deal with our waste in the safest way possible. There is a need to follow strict guidelines in disposing of our waste so that we won’t harm the environment.

7 Things You Can Use to Beautify the Wall of Your Home

Making your home lovely doesn’t require you to be a decorator! With some simple tips and hacks, you can transform those simple-looking walls into something extraordinary and eye-catching. Every house deserves to look good, and it depends on you how you do it. If you are in need of professional to build a beautifully designed home, click here.

Here is a list of 7 things you can use to beautify the walls of your home without spending much.


  • A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Do Wonders 


A fresh coat of paint can give a new life to the walls! The attractive colours and bright textures can swoon anyone, and that is what you need. If you don’t have any paint available around your house, then rush to the nearest flea market to get some.


  • Books Shelves are Marvelous 


So you are renting a home and applying a coat of paint isn’t a practical option? Well, this tip is something you can surely opt for. Get a floating bookshelf and arrange it on the wall. Having bookshelves will reward you with two benefits, one is your walls look great, and the other is you get a solution to manage those books scattered around in the storeroom.


  • Get a Wallpaper 


Nowadays, you will find pretty awesome wallpapers available in the market. Wallpapers are easy to snap on the walls and can make it look good on the go. You will get wallpapers in a myriad of options so you can definitely get something to match the existing theme of your room.


  • Declutter 


The best look of your wall doesn’t always come from adding stuff to it! Sometimes you should go basic while following the latest minimalist trend. Instead of fluffing the wall with unnecessary things, add a soothing painting or some stickers to make it appear good.


  • Use Curtains to Cover the Flaws 


Curtains aren’t there just to cover windows, as they can hide the flaws in your walls! If the walls of your home have started chipping off, then you can use a curtain to hide it from getting noticed. Curtains and drapes are available in a multitude of attractive colour options, and you can get something that looks exceptionally good on your walls.


  • A Wall Decal is What You Are Missing


Using a wall decal is a temporary way to liven up the walls! You can remove the decal anytime, and that makes it superior to paint and wallpapers. You can get some outstanding wall decals as they are available in a plethora of shapes and sizes.

Moreover, using a wall decal is inexpensive, and an exemplary way to enhance the beauty of your walls.


  • Use a Mirror to Amplify Light and Beauty


If nothing works well for you, then using a mirror will surely do! Using a massive mirror will amplify the light inside your room to make it appear big. Also, attaching a mirror to the wall is easy, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.